Servant Leadership in Action - COMPLETE SERIES

Beginning June 5, 2018 | Ending January 22, 2019
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Servant Leadership in Action - COMPLETE SERIES

The first stage in this journey requires us to unpack servant leadership behaviors, set the standard as far as behaviors, and challenge our current paradigms about leadership through…..
• Introduction to servant leadership
• Overview of the book, The Servant, by James C. Hunter
• Values/characteristics/attributes/behaviors of servant leaders
• Exploration of differences between SL and other leadership styles
• Chapter presentations by paired participants

June 5 • June 19 • July 10 • July 17 • July 31

The second stage in the journey requires us to invite feedback through an assessment, identify where we individually need to be vs. where we are now based on assessment results, and help us individually identify our “stuff” to work on, all while in a supportive community of others on the same journey, through…
• Introduction to the SL assessment process
• Discussion of the importance of feedback
• Participate in assessment
• Receive and share feedback results with community of participants
• Personally processing the feedback and the dangers, pitfalls and opportunities before us
• Discuss next steps… action plan creation

August 21st • September 4th • September 18th • October 2nd • October 9th • October 16th

The final stage in the journey requires us to create healthy friction, take action on our ‘stuff”, all while holding each other accountable, through…
• Creating an individual action plan
• Sharing our action plans with our community of participants
• Sharing progress

October 30th • November 13th • November 20th • December 4th • January 8th • January 22nd (Graduation)

Pricing: $1,325.00

Course Requirement: The book The Servant by James C. Hunter is a required reading for this series. Visit your favorite bookseller or find it online here:

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